There are many benefits of exercising, through this article you will  learn the main benefits of exercising/training. The ones which I will be  writing about is the increase in dopamine, weight loss, better overall  sleep and better brain health which you could easily achieve by  exercising and training often. These are the great advantages you will  get by training, but these effects could be further increased especially  if you have a Personal Trainer as they are very experienced in this  field. I do recommend getting a personal trainer for yourself as they  will be very helpful for getting the most value out of your training,  there are some inefficient ways of training.

1 - Fat Reduction

Everybody knows by doing some sort of physical activity which drains  energy from your body actually helps with weight loss. Training and  exercising will help with weight loss exponentially as it is one of the  best ways to lose weight. But your diet is as important as training. If  you don't control your diet, your training will be useless as you will  be at a weight gain and weight loss cycle. Unless if that's what your  aiming for. Weight loss is something that millions of people want but it  may not be easily achievable because of your natural weight, or just  because you have a disorder (not bad at all your amazing in every way)  or a low metabolism. A person with a low metabolism will make weight  gain easier and weight loss harder. A person with high metabolism will  get a higher weight loss and a weaker weight gain. All you need to do is  train often and don't give up, if you're goal is weight loss make sure  you have some sort of inspiration as it will be key for your weight loss  goal.

2 - Improved Sleep

You will get better overall sleep quality just by training and  exercising often. If you'd like to get a better overall sleep quality  you have to exercise often to keep your schedule working. A schedule is  very important to exercising just like a sleep schedule, make sure your  exercise schedule is working and jot conflicting with your general life.  Your body will get a more relaxed and better sleep quality because the  increased body temperature in exercising actually drops your body  temperature whilst your sleeping. People with insomnia were able to  sleep better after exercising for some time. This promoted better sleep  for them and just saved them from a long time of troubles. If you don't  believe me, try exercising with a good schedule and you'll feel the  effects of better sleep quality.

3 - Improved Cognition

Better brain health is also promoted when exercising often. When you  exercise, your heart pumps more oxygenated blood cells to your organs,  like your brain. This will help your brain perform better, hold onto  your memories and just increase your overall thinking skills. There has  also been some research conducted that exercising often will reduce the  risk of Alzheimer's helping you to get good brain health as you age.  This will help you use your body normslly even as you age.

4 - Improved Mood

Training and Exercising often will improve your overall happiness,  weight loss and better brain health. Basically, all you need to do is  exercise and train your body often to help your general body health.  Your health will increase so much you'll notice results in as little as 1  week, now all you need to do is try for yourself and find the results.